CSI Berkeley

May 7, 2011, by anna

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The Coup de Gras of the East Bay actually takes place in the heart of San Francisco.  The annual celebration for Computers and Structures Inc. took place at the Grand San Francisco City Hall.   Ashraf Habibullah and Miriam know how to entertain their guests.  The theme for this year’s event was Cirque du Soleil and this provided the inspiration for the colorful and festive background.  The contortionists were on hand to mystify the guests with their amazing twists and poses.  The food presented by McCalls Catering was above and beyond delicious and bountiful.  The music supplied by the band kept the mood lively.  The decor was impressive and opulent.   Miguel Torres, McCalls Floral Designer is a true artist and every last flower was snatched up by the appreciative guests.  The lounge created for DJ spins was comfortable yet dramatic.  DJ Nile did not disappoint.  Sherman Chu, photographer extraordinaire, captured all of the spectacular moments for posterity.   Please enjoy.

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